New Creation of Public Transportation


    Ciel Inc. signed a MOU with Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do for the MOD development.

    Ciel Inc. and Hwacheon-gun on February 5, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for social engagement MOD development.

  • [MBC]

    Is it a taxi or a bus? Yeongjongdo ‘I-MOD’ comes to you when called

    No longer is it only taxis that you can call with your phone. A bus service that you can call to come and take you directly to

  • [Maeil Newspaper]

    Smart mobility company ‘CIEL’ takes on public transit efficiency with Demand-Response bus.

    IT solution meets shuttles and fixed route buses. Innovatively improves convenience and economic feasibility

  • [Gvalley News]

    SHUTTLECOK by CIEL, Inc. introduces apartment shared commuter bus.

    SHUTTLECOK by CIEL, Inc is introducing apartment shared commuter bus in collaboration with Jalsalabosae by Salda, Inc.

  • [Financial Today]

    SCIEL, Inc. is selected as ‘Smart City Challenge Main Project’ by Ministry of Land

    CIEL, Inc. announced on the 18th that the ‘Incheon E-eum’ project, conducted in consortium with Hyundai Motor

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