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[Gvalley News] SHUTTLECOK by CIEL, Inc. introduces apartment shared commuter bus.


SHUTTLECOK by CIEL, Inc is introducing apartment shared commuter bus in collaboration with Jalsalabosae by Salda, Inc.

Apartment shared commuter bus by SHUTTLECOK will operate in apartment complexes managed by Jalsalabose, a service platform for convenient apartment life. For this, SHUTTLECOK and Jalsalabose conducted a preliminary demand survey on residents of the apartment complex and have completed operation tests of the designed optimal routes.

It is expected that residents of the apartments will be able to use the service conveniently as per the preliminary demand survey and operational tests by SHUTTLECOK. As many people are anxious about using public transportation due to the recent Coronavirus, apartment shared buses operated by SHUTTLECOK will operate under thorough preventive measures.

The CEO of CIEL, Inc told us that “it is expected that the transportation scene will rapidly transform into demand-response type transportation system combined with ICT while keeping the advantages of public transportation.” He continued by saying, “CIEL is the leader in demand-response type transportation system, and has already achieved 91 percent passenger satisfaction in the I-MOD project conducted in Yeongjong-do through the smart city challenge project hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. I am confident that this shared apartment commuter bus will bring high positive response and satisfaction from passengers.”

Meanwhile, CIEL, Inc aims to create customized routes for events such as performances, regional festivals, and sports events, through Incheon city’s community participated MoD service project and its shared service platform SHUTTLECOK, based on the know-how and accumulated data operating as an integrated management IoT solution company for shuttle buses. Therefore, they are actively carrying out the business of shared smart buses with a demand-responsive service that can move closer and more conveniently to its destination.

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