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[Financial Today] SCIEL, Inc. is selected as ‘Smart City Challenge Main Project’ by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.


CIEL, Inc. announced on the 18th that the ‘Incheon E-eum’ project, conducted in consortium with Hyundai Motor Company and Incheon City, was selected as the finalist in the “Smart City Challenge Main Project” hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

The Minstry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s “Smart City Challenge” is a project to draw a new model by combining creative ideas from the private sector on solving traffic, safety and environmental problems in the city with the administrative and financial power of local governments.

Incheon E-eum, which is prepared by CIEL, Inc. and Hyundai Motor Consortium, is representative of I-MOD, a demand-response bus that creates the fastest route and distributes when called by passengers, and I-ZET, which supports travelling to bus stops by an electric kickboard.

In particular, during the demonstration period held in Yeongjong-do from December of last year to the end of January this year, about 12,045 residents (12% of Yeongjong population) partook in 28,800 cases, reducing the waiting time for public transportation from 18 minutes to 13 minutes, and travel time from 27 minutes to 16 minutes, as well bringing up great interest and expectations by the residents regarding the new mobility services.

CIEL, Inc., and Hyundai Motor Consortium plan to further advance the service model demonstrated in Yeongjong-do during the project timeline, and to expand the service area to zones with inadequate public transportation such as Songdo International City, Namdong National Industrial Complex, and Geomdan New City.

They also plan to actively seek ways to co-exist with the taxi and bus industries by utilizing regulatory sandboxes to promote community participation-type multi-mobility services that will link existing transportation means such as subways, buses, and taxis. Multi-mobility service is a mobility integrated payment service that can be used as a smartphone application by linking various means of transportation. In addition, CIEL, Inc. and Hyundai Motor Consortium plan to consider providing customized content through the project and contributing to revitalize the local economy by issuing coupons and discounts linked to local businesses.

The company plans to continue to develop business models based on open platform to encourage more participation from various carriers.

CEO of CIEL, Inc., Muyoul Park, said, “for two months, CIEL was able to identify high public interest and expectations for new mobility services through demonstration projects.” And that “they will do their best to ensure that this Smart City Challenge will be a sustainable service through providing a new concept of smart mobility solutions, such as multi-mobility.”

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