Ciel is a company specializing in Mobility On-Demand for transit by bus

From Integrated Shuttle Bus Management IT Solution and Bus-sharing Platform to On Demand Bus Service!


Integrated Shuttle Bus Management Solution

  • Adopted to work/school/hospital commutes
  • Customized to enterprises
  • (Develop & Provide solution)
IoT System


Commuter Bus Operation Management Agency (B2B)

  • Bus mobility specialized technology
  • Commuter bus operation know-how
Commuter Bus


Crowdsourcing Bus(B2B/B2C)

  • Bus share platform for Individual passengers
  • - Shared commuter & Event shuttle bus
Bus Share


Licensed Passenger Transport Service

  • Legal passenger transport business operations
  • Control passenger transport business infrastructures
Provide Vehicles


Mobility on Demand

  • Bus route updated real-time via AI
  • dispatch system when ride is called
Real time

Integrated Shuttle Bus Management Solution

hello bus

We provide convenience such as real-time vehicle location tracker and estimated vehicle arrival time, as well as an integrated management capability, including management of vehicle operations, asset, allocation, and passengers by shuttle bus operators using passenger management devices such as RFID and QR Codes, and shuttle bus IoT Gateway with integrated GPS and LTE modems.

  • Vehicles in Operation

    Approx. 1,800 vehicles

    3,590 Registered Vehicles

  • 8,462

    Registered Routes133,655 Bus Stops

  • 301,973

    Registered Passengers

The No. 1 nationwide solution used by over 300,000 customers and by approx. 250 companies including major corporations such as Hyundai Motor Company, LG, and Korean Airlines.

The No. 1 Nationwide Solution

Direct operations management of 140 commuter buses

Commuting V2.0

Currently providing bus mobility service for company commute and shared commuter bus by
directly providing and managing vehicles and routes.

On-hand big data for route planning

Plan the shortest route that can cover the greatest number of passengers based on employee living places, and easily analyze distances between employee living places as well as between living places and workplaces based on 6.7 trillion cases of big data on hand.

67billion casesAs of March 2019

  • 6.1 billion cases of vehicle operation data
  • 10 million passenger enter and exit data
  • 57 million bus route (bus stop) operation data
  • 850,000 cases of bus allocation data
  • 22 million sent passenger messages data
  • 140,000 cases of terminal unit control data
  • 450,000 cases of route, bus stop, vehicle, and passenger data
Route planning based on the distribution of C company’s employee living places
Accumulated location data on living places and workplaces

Efficient route management.

Accurate passenger count per route and the average number of passengers is identified using passenger statistics, and route optimization algorithm is used in the analysis and improvement of route efficiency.

175 million won saved annually by reducing only 5% of total routes.

Bus sharing platform providing transit when a predetermined number of passengers is met after bus route is requested

Crowdsourcing Bus

Transit conveniently and quickly on tailored routes without transfers even after public transportation operation hours and
to places public transit does not reach directly.

Utilized as shuttle bus for events such as festivals, concerts, local festivals, and sporting events,
as well as shared commuter shuttle, resident-only shuttle, or school organization bus.

Current Technological Capability.


Possess differentiated products and technology on bus mobility

Integrated Shuttle Bus Management IoT system
Bus share platform


Passenger Counter

Passenger Counter

Computer Vision, Machine Learning Technology

Passenger Identification Reader

Passenger Identification Reader

QR-Code, RFID both embedded

Artificial intelligence technology development is underway based on big data for bus operation and passengers accumulated since 2012

  • Optimized route analysis and planning
  • road traffic prediction
  • Ride demand prediction
  • Pattern-based arrival prediction
  • Intelligent allocation
  • Accident prediction/detection

Patent for bus mobility related technology

  • Patent No. 10-1864792 Shuttle bus passenger verifying terminal for verifying shuttle bus passenger, shuttle bus management system, Shuttle bus passenger verifying method
  • Patent No. 10-1591451 Method for indicating car arrival, Apparatus thereof, and Recording medium thereof
  • Patent No. 10-1933522 Shuttle bus arrival indicating and service route optimizing method
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